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Frances H
Max relax Same effect as always... Wet noodle
Cathy W
Thank You! Heather's knowledge and professionalism are always appreciated.
Frances H
Putty Iā€™m putty in your hands and happily report that after 5/6 days the discomfort in my hip dissipated. Gone! Hooray! Thanks so much!!
massagebyheather As always a great massage.
Frances H
Max relax Same effect as always... Wet noodle
Ben W
another great session I am thrilled with Heather's work. It really makes a difference with my levels of anxiety and stress. It's a monthly appointment I refuse to miss!
Natalie F
Amazing This was my first massage, and it far exceeded my expectations! As a person who likes to spend a lot of time thinking--in my head--it was nice to be reminded of my body in such a calming way. Amazing! I'll be back!
Awesome Heather is amazing. Her massages are tailored to your individual needs, and she's so accommodating. Totally worth it!
Mickey G
Awsesome ! The Best Messages I have ever had ! You Listen to your Clients as to what they want and like !
Noelle B
Best in Louisville I'm very picky about massages. Before going to Heather I'd had two kinds of massages in Louisville: fairly expensive bad massages (with someone who clearly has no knowledge of physiology) and really really expensive pretty good massages (where you're expected to buy a membership or pay $30 more per visit). Heather was such a relief to find. She clearly has a great understanding of physiology and she is also reasonably priced. She is a true treasure in Louisville.
best massage in Louisville Heather knows exactly what I need each time I come in. She listens carefully to my concerns. She's intuitive, skillful and compassionate. I couldn't ask for more!
Frances H
Body Renewal Marvelous as always
Frances H
Come back kid I keep coming back as your massages help my aging body to manage stress and aching joints.
Mickey Geracitano
Completely Satisfied ! What i love about coming in , is you find out whatever issues i have and work them out. Another Awesome message !
margaret j
Awesome massage Just had a 90 minute massage last week to have Heather work on Si joint and lymphatic system. She was a miracle worker. She gave me relief that was so needed. I highly recommend.
Charlotte S
Short Review I am invited to leave a short review for a massage I had, by Heather Wibbles. This is an ardious task, because I have so many wonderful things I can say about Heather's work, it can't be short. Since this has to be short, I am going to say, "You haven't had a massage until you have had a massage experience by Heather. She has a magic touch and when I walk out of her office, I feel like I walk out as a brand new person.
elaine e
Great Massage Very healing. Thank you.
John G
Complete relief Heather does a outstanding job. I have an ongoing lower back ache, along with a neck numbing problem. After a treatment with Heather, I come away feeling relaxed and the problems relieved. Thanks Heather for making those pains go away!
elaine e
Everything was wonderful See you to 2 weeks.
Catherine W
Heather Knows Best I don't know why, after seeing Heather for a couple of years now, but I am still surprised by how knowledgeable Heather is about all aspects of anatomy and physiology. I always leave knowing more about myself. Heather is a great professional whose therapeutic massage, and gentle nature, always make me feel better.
Frances H
Jelly You turned me into jelly!!just hope no one tries to put me on their toast
Frances H
Love noodles You did your job which made me a wet noodle
Charlotte S
Massage Heather is a caring person who wants to help her cloents. She gives a great massage, with wonderful pressure. I'll go back.
Charlotte S
Massage by Heather Heather is knowledgeable and experienced. I love her lymphatic massage. She always asks if the pressure is just right. She knows all the things that cause me to relax, like the choice of a heated massage table, warm towels etc. She puts me at ease when she says "Hello". Her office is professional and quiet. I would definitely refer her to anyone who is a little shy about trying massage for the first time. You will feel at ease and come away completely relaxed.
Joe B
Massage/Product Info. Heather-my massage was great. Lower pelvis was a little sore the next day but felt much better after that. BTW - those compression socks you asked about are OS1st FS6 Performance Compression Ankle Sleeve available at Dicks Sporting Goods for $25.
Wanda C
Outstanding Service I have so delighted to have Heather as a member of my health team. Monthly she rubs and sooth tired and overworked muscles and tendons that are stretched too thin and are in knots. I feel like a new person following a "Heather massage." I embrace this service as I do other services that contribute to my health and wellness. One experience is enough to appreciate the benefit to your body and physical welfare.
Frances H
Perfection The pressure was just right as it made me a wet noodle & gave me a period of relaxation.šŸ˜
Joe B
Relaxing Massage Always feel loose and relaxed after massage. Heather manages to find the kinks I don't even realize I have.
elaine e
Thank you Heather It was just what I needed.
Frances H
Wet Noodle We might want to consider reducing the pressure as the old body was a little sore next day.
Frances H
Wet noodle again Perfect
Brad D
Full body deep tissue massage Having been to Heather for months now, I can happily say she has done an excellent job of helping heal me for a number of ailments. Add to that, coming off of a full hip replacement last summer, followed by rotator cuff surgery, she has the knowledge to support this healing process. To the point, I was well ahead of schedule for my physical therapy with both surgeries. And have now received a complete recovery & been given the green light by both surgeons. Not only is Heather as a competent a masseuse as I've ever had, she is patient in working with your needs on whatever levels are required.
Paula B
excellent As usual, Heather did a wonderful job. I came away feeling relaxed and refreshed.
Denise B
Exceptional Heather is always both skillful and intuitive. Both qualities were especially apparent on my last massage. I fell while walking a week earlier, and she was able to help me work through residual soreness. Always great--this time exceptional!
Amy Z
Fantastic service! Heather is a very knowledgeable professional. It doesn't matter what hurts, she knows how to help. Best massage therapist I've ever had!
Full Body Massage Best Massage ever. Helped relieve pain and was so relaxing I feel asleep. Very calming. Thank you Heather.
Cynthia M
Great relaxation massage Heather cares, and it shows. Comfort is important. Really good experience. Lovely stress relief for my muscles and my brain!
paul b
heather i need you to knead me as always, heather brings so much knowledge, expertise, awareness to the table that every massage under her skilled fingers is a delightful experience bordering on out-of-body. I will always seek her out for my massage kneads.
Charlotte S
Heather Wibbles, LMT Relaxing atmosphere, Heather is knowledgable and has a healing touch. She asked what pressure I like and gave me an excellent massage. I will go back. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Dianna R
Highly recommend I feel so fortunate to have found Heather. She gives special treatment to the leg with a knee replacement. Wish I had known about her sooner. She's wonderful.
Joey L. M
I Can Never Do Wthout Her Heather is fantastic!!!! Heather is professional and diligent and doesn't deviate from what you concerns are. Watch her You Tube Videos and if your not satisfied schedule an appointment! You won't be then!!!!
robert c
it cant be better Hearther is a true wounder
Wanda C
Massage Massage
Wanda C
Massage Excellent service.
Charlotte S
Massage with Heather Wibbles Heather is very professional. She asks what pressure you want and then checks periodically to see if it is alright. She was extremely accurate finding the muscles that needed release. Heather is respectful and always keeps the areas covered except the area in which she is working. She answered all my questions, but refrained from talking otherwise. I like her demeanor. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate person. If you are looking for a great massage experience, I strongly recommend Heather Wibbles.
Message As always, Heather was professional and wonderful to have treat a bad shoulder. She's wonderful!
Frances H
Noodles You made me feel like a wet noodle....need to say no more.
Joey L. M
Not an Amateur!!! Don't ask Heather a question about why This hurts or why that's sore!!! She'll tell you!!! She'll name the muscles and tendons, what they're used for and what they're hooked to! She's an encyclopedia of knowledge. She's an excellent Massage Therapist and she's always attending clinics to keep up-to-date on techniques and training. I'll continue to go to Heather until I can't drive anymore!
Jessica W
Perfection! Every visit leaves me feeling so much better! This is not your average massage; this is fix your muscles and get things back to where they are supposed to be massage! Thank you, Heather!
Ben W
professional and relaxing This was the most enjoyable massage I've had. Heather is professional, welcoming and made me feel like I was in charge of my session. I can't wait for my next visit.
Alice B
Relaxing Massage I loved my massage, and it made my old body.
Sonny B
Sonny Brooks This is Chris Comstock-you actually massaged my mother 3/7/2015. I sought out a masseuse who would do a facial massage because my mother had specifically mentioned @ one point that she'd like to have a facial massage someday. "???" I thought, but tucked it away in my mental file, nonetheless. As her birthday rolled around, I remembered her comment, did some research and tried to find a face masseuse. No-one seemed to know of which I spoke and I couldn't properly explain...I myself didn't know for sure of which I spoke. I was therefore grateful when you agreed to accommodate my request. The experience itself went over very well - never having experienced anything as such, neither my mother nor I knew what to expect. But at my inquiry post-rubdown, I was informed that "Oh...I enjoyed that so much..." Given the degree of praise that followed, I think you must have done a good job. Thank you.
Frances H
The best As always I feel like a wet noodle when I leave & my body is relaxed
elaine e
The Best Massage Therapist Wonderful relaxation.
Catherine W
Treat yourself I have made up my mind that I am worth it and have scheduled regular appointments with Heather. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen. Treat yourself!
Kimberly W
Why does it go so quickly :) Heather is such a caring Therapist. She takes the time to talk before sessions to see what changes my have occurred with my body. The first time I went I got a 60 minute massage. It went so quickly. So I decided to get a 90 minute on my second visit. Still not long enough. I was so relaxed I didn't want to leave. I will return again. I need that "ME" time and the nap. I'm a very satisfied client.
ellen s
wow terrific great massage
Kristin J
Life Changing Heather is wonderful! She makes her space inviting, relaxing, and peaceful! Before seeing Heather I had seen two other message therapist and a chiropractor. Someone gave me a gift card to see Heather otherwise I would still be in pain. She was my last resort in working out problems from being on my feet and lifting both small children and middle school children with disabilities all day. When I went to see her the first time I was having difficulty walking and after my session I had full mobility. She does a wonderful job and really gets to know you as a client and what areas need more attention and time.
Dina B
A little piece of heaven I have been seeing Heather for three years now and I can honestly say, each appointment is like experiencing a little piece of heaven. I have seen massage therapists from all over the country, however, none has come close to the attentiveness, caliber, and compassion Heather embodies. She is committed to her profession and through her pre- and post-massage taking notes, she makes sure every client has an individualized massage tailored to their specific needs. She is the best in the business and if you are seeking a therapist who is exceptional, I urge you to make an appointment. Louisville is very lucky to have Heather!
Julie B
Fantastic Experience Heather always does a great job, no matter whether I just need a relaxing massage or work on specific areas. I always feel ten times better when I leave and can't wait for my next appointment. She's by far the best massage therapist in the area and makes sure you're entirely comfortable.
Ashley K
Amazing! Heather is very skilled. I'm never disappointed and always leave feeling much better. I highly recommend her for therapeutic massage!
Leanne F
Health AND well-being! It's been too many years since I had a massage worthy of a great review--but Heather does such a great job! Prepare to relax and have your bodily stresses released. Not only will you feel better physically, your mental alertness and mood will improve as well. Make the investment; you'll be glad you did!
A Monthly Necessity Awesome service! Heather's healing hands makes the difference in how well I move and in reducing lower back discomfort. These visits are a regular part of my health care goal that allows me flexibility in movement.
Michael R
Heather is a healer ! As I have gotten older, pain in my shoulders, hands and hips has become a problem. When I first found Heather, my right shoulder very painful and I had been treated with cortisone injections by my family doctor with no improvement. His recommendation was for me to see an orthopaedic specialist to discuss rotator cuff surgery. The other option he suggested was massage. That is when I found Heather and after two massages that focused on my shoulder, the pain was completely gone! Heather also has given me great relief for arthritic pain in my hands and hips. On top of that, there is no more relaxing and pleasant experience that her skilled and caring touch. So glad I found Heather and I highly recommend her to all!
Jill P
I hate to post this! I really hate to post this review because I don't want Heather to become any more popular (& busier) than she already is! I have been getting regular massages for over 20 years and Heather Wibbels is by far the best masseuse I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with ... and I've had some really great ones in the past. She is superbly trained and can work on virtually any issue you may have. She also gives a great relaxation massage -- but I go more often for deep tissue work. She is a lovely young woman who takes a great deal if pride in her work. Heather is also the only masseuse I've ever had that believes an hour is actually 60 minutes! I can't recommend her highly enough.
Mickey G
Back Problems Heather, Everything was Awesome as usual ! Your attention to detail is what sets you apart from all others I have been to ! I will make it a point to get in more often. Have a wonderful weekend ! Mickey Geracitano
Joey L. M
Class Act!!!! Heather's "Healing Touch" provides for a soothing and therapeutic hour and a half. Your specific needs are duly noted and notated for future reference. She provides as much benefit for me as my Neurologist does. She's never to leave Louisville!
Excellent! Heather does an excellent job! She listens to what you need and pays close attention to problem areas.
Kathy H
Great Pain Management I have arthritis in my neck, lower back issues and trouble with stiffness in my hips. I consider regular deep tissue massages with Heather as a key strategy in helping to relieve pain and increase flexibility. After a massage with Heather I am pain free for several days and enjoy better movement. I highly recommend MassagebyHeather!
Sue S
First massage Wonderfully paced, pressure just right and a good first experience> I was totally relaxed afterwards and had to lie down and take a nap afterwards!
Myrl M
fun event The message helps me be pain free or reduced level of distress. helps to delay possibility of corrective surgery.
I am a believer Best massages I have had...gets to the problem areas and makes things right! Definitely recommend going regularly to keep small problems from getting to be big problems (which is no fun!)
Knowledgable and professional. Heather has such a great wealth of knowledge, and always goes the extra mile.
Andrea P
***** *****
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) & Miscellaneous Massage I so much appreciated Heather's professional yet friendly approach to my Lymphedema Condition. She took the time and patience to review the MLD Massage with me and made sure I understood the procedure. I have looked for a masseuse a long time that understood Lymphedema and could help me with MLD while also addressing any physical, stress etc. concerns I might have. Thank you Heather, I feel very blessed that I have found you.
Eric F
massage Best massage therapist I have been to!!
Sharon B
Massage Excellent massage and I have been getting massages for years.
Massage Everything was just right.
Joey L. M
My Sanctuary I've never found a more quiet, peaceful or euphoric experience. Heather's a knowledgeable professional that I trust and consult as I do my Neurologist. This is a life long relationship!
Noodles Heather always makes me feel like a wet noodle. She is professional & thorough!
Outstanding, Knowledgable and Dedicated Massage Therapist Heather is like no other massage therapist I have been to. She truly has found her calling and is so dedicated to helping people in pain heal. I am so blessed to have found her to help me manage my physical ailments. Both her knowledge of the body and her massage techniques are outstanding. I recommend her to anyone who needs pain relief or simple relaxation. She is an asset to the Louisville massage community.
Joey L. M
Professional and Attentive Mrs. Wibbels is extremely proficient and professional. She'll go through your aches and pains for the last month to see if you've had any occurrence or new problems. Always leave like I've had a very personal experience. Thank you
Joey L. M
Take Me To My 'Happy Place'!!! You walk in and Heather sets you down. She has the record of your treatment up to that point. Very meticulous records!!! I want to tell her "My back's killing me!!", Or "My foot's cramping again!", but what I'm really saying is "Please, Oh Please, take me to my "Happy Place!". When I'm 105 years old, I'll have Heather Massaging my bones. She's an Angel!!!